Concrete anywhere, anytime.

Control your concrete. Save time. Save money.


Our state-of-the art concrete delivery vehicles allow the mixing of all concrete on-site, allowing you to start and stop the flow as needed and minimize downtime and work stoppages.

Some of the many benefits of our trucks vs the traditional competition include:

Decreased Waste – Stop having too much concrete, or not ordering enough.
Only Pay For What You Use – Stop sending back unused concrete. 
Improved Efficiency – Stop wasting time and money waiting on ready mix and call-back loads.
Guaranteed Fresh – Concrete is batched on demand, on-site, eliminating “Hot Loads”.
Unlimited Range – Ability to haul raw materials anywhere concrete is needed and freshly batch anywhere, any time.
VMMB Certified – Delivery trucks are certified via the Volumetric Mixer Manufacturers Bureau.

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The Bettis name is synonymous with quality and integrity in Kansas and throughout the Midwest. Working with Bettis means working with the history, pride, and innovation behind the name.

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